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Jo Robinson, co-author of  The Omega Diet
book provides the latest research about pasture-based farming through her website, In her book, Pasture Perfect , she outlines the following: grass fed meat has four times more beta-carotene than conventional feedlot meat. Fat from grain fed meat is stark white. The more carotenoids, the more creamy or golden the color.

Take a look at the fat in Homespun Hill Farm meats, see the color, and know you are getting some of the healthiest meat in America!


Omega-3 fatty acids originate in green plants. Grass is a rich source of Omega-3's. Animals that graze on grass plus are finished solely on grass have more Omega-3's in their meat, eggs, and dairy products.

Reduced fat

With Homespun Hill Farm grass-fed meats, you will find that your burger patties will turn out about the same size as when you place them in the skillet or on the grill.


Nutritional Benefits of our Grass-Finished Beef
(versus grain-finished beef)

  • Low saturated fat- 1/3 less fat than skinless chicken thighs!

  • 4 X higher in Vitamin-E, a valuable antioxidant

  • Increase Conjugated Linoleic Acid: 2-5 Xs more

  • Up to 4 X Beta-Carotene than grain-fed conventional feedlot meat


Homespun Hill Farm Grass-finished Beef
Homespun Hill Farm Production Model

Properly finished grass-fed beef will have plenty of marbling to ensure tenderness. At Homespun Hill Farm our production model is like fine wine: "No beef will be processed before its time!" We ensure the animal reaches its full frame potential and intensively garnishes all the high vitamin/protein forage, to ensure the marbling is superb.




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