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Homespun Hill Farm is home to both Katahdin and St. Croix sheep, two breeds both known for their sweet and mild succulent flavor. The lambs are rotated on grass forages with the calves. The result is healthy high-vitamin lamb cuts with mouth-watering flavor.


Our whole lamb orders are very popular, so we take and reserve orders on a first come/first serve basis. Individual cuts are available on a limited basis as supplies are available. 





Gourmet Ground Lamb


Lamb Loin Chops


Boneless Leg of Lamb


Rack of Lamb


Lamb Ribs


Boneless Shoulder Roast 


Lamb Stew Cubes  


Lamb Shanks


Lamb Liver/Heart/Kidney/Fries


Lamb Neck Bones



Broth-making Carcass Bones


$340.00 for a Whole Lamb, plus processing. Contact us for processing costs.

($100.00 secures your order, payable to Homespun Hill Farm, 137 East 1400 Road, Baldwin City, Ks,. 66006).

You may have your whole Lamb cut in any fashion that you desire, or choose the standard cuts.

Contact us for the Standard Cuts list.












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