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Unique Benefits of Homespun Hill Farm Beef :

Having raised grass-fed beef for many years now, we
know what it takes to produce a nice marbled steak.

Traceability of each beef cut – our small farm and our small locally-owned processing facility allow us to very easily keep track of each cut of meat, back to which cattle each cut came from.

Our beef is both grass-fed and grass-finished.  Homespun Hill Farm beef is raised on good quality pastures, with focused pasture attention and the health of the animal as top priority.        

Because Homespun Hill Farm's beef is raised and finished
on grass, it is never in a feedlot environment. It has no
added growth hormones. The cattle are processed in
a small local state-inspected processing plant where
they are packaged one beef at a time.

For those seeking a lean beef product through noticably lower fat and lower cholesterol with "real beef" flavor, Homespun Hill Farm's grass-finished beef is the answer you've been looking for!

Nutritional Benefits of our Grass-Finished Beef (versus grain-finished beef)

  • Low saturated fat - 1/3 less fat than skinless chicken thighs!

  • 4 X higher in Vitamin-E, a valuable antioxidant

  • Increased Conjugated Linoleic Acid: 2-5 X's more

  • Up to 4 X Beta-Carotene than grain-fed conventional feedlot meat




Our cattle breed is a relatively new breed called South Poll.  They have never known grain and are genetically conditioned to thrive and finish well on the grass types most prevalent in eastern Kansas.

Farmer Debbie’s Better Beef Selections


Tenderloins/Filet Mignon {2/pk}


KC Strip Steaks, Rib-eye Steaks {2/pk}


Sirloin Steaks


Chuck, Rump, Sirloin Tip, Arm Roasts and Brisket


Stew Meat


Beef Short Ribs


Meaty Shank Soup Bones plus Misc Pet Bones   


Our popular Ground Beef


Quarter-pound ground beef patties


Ground Beef Special!       

  $7.00/lb x 20 or more pounds    

Organs: Liver, Oxtail, Heart, Tongue


Kidney Fat


     Broth-Making Bones


Please Note: Prices do not include state and local sales tax.


$250.00 secures your order, payable by check to Homespun Hill Farm, 137 East 1400 Road, Baldwin City, Ks. 66006

Cut selections are standard in a quarter beef (Tenderloin Fillets, KC Strip steaks, Ribeyes, Sirloin Steaks, Flank Steaks, Short Ribs, Roasts, Briskets, Stew Meat, Meaty Soup Bones, Ground Beef.

Cut selections in a half are your choice, arrangements made directly to Santa Fe Trail Meats. Pickup on Bulk orders takes place at Santa Fe Trail Meats in Overbrook.


$4.25/lb hanging weight plus processor’s process/cut/wrap and hide removal fees.

Contact us, for the Bulk Beef explanation document, which details what to expect when purchasing a bulk beef.









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